My Commitment to Fraud Protection

My reputation is very important to me. I am keenly aware that the accuracy of my work could make it very easy for someone to represent my recreations as original and team issued. To ensure that my work is never misrepresented, I have a very simple set of rules I follow without exception:

  • I will not alter manufacturer labels, nor will I alter or recreate team tagging. I surely understand that many of my projects are intended to be kept by their owners forever and proudly displayed. But the opportunity to become an unwitting part of fraud should the jersey be misrepresented and sold in a future transaction as something that it is not, causes me to draw the line here.

  • When performing a player name or number change on a team issued jersey (or one that could easily be mistaken for team issued by a knowledgeable buyer) I do three things:
    • I sew my shop’s label inside the jersey, into the back of the player name or numbers. It cannot be seen from the outside, but will be obvious on close inspection, and cannot be removed without disturbing the stitching.
    • I invisibly mark every such garment for potential future identification.
    • I maintain a database of all such work for later reference.