Let's Get Started!

Send me an email first to introduce yourself and tell me about your project at bill@thedream.shop. Including photos is a great idea. I'll review and reply with my thoughts. To get an idea of cost, you might want to look at the Pricing Estimator page. If your project involves removal of old lettering, I can’t give you a final price until I have the jersey in hand and can see what is involved. Sometimes lettering comes right off, other times it is a lot of work

If a phone conversation is productive we can schedule one after we’ve corresponded.  If you prefer, you can call me at (484) 326-2801 and leave a message if I am busy.

Please send me clean jerseys to letter. I use heat in my process, and dirty jerseys placed in the heat-press will seal in dirt and smells forever. If I have to launder your jersey before lettering I charge an additional $10.

When you send your jerseys to me, please include contact information inside the box. I need a return mailing address. I will bill you after I have looked over the jersey(s) and before I begin work.

I recommend that you ship your packages insured.

My address is:

The Dream Shop
P.O. Box 63
Gradyville, PA 19039
(484) 326-2801

For UPS and Federal Express:

The Dream Shop
1080 Forest Lane
Glen Mills, PA 19342

When I ship back to you, I also ship insured, and if the value is over $350 or so, the Post Office may ask for a signature upon delivery. Keep this in mind, especially if the postman delivers mail to your home when you are not there.