Risks and Limitations of Liability

When restoring jerseys, there is always the slight risk of causing damage that cannot be repaired invisibly.

You must assume this risk. While I am skilled at this task, please understand this possibility before we begin. This is why your valuable items should always be insured.

When removing lettering, I can generally tell early if it is going to come off without leaving marks or holes, but sometimes, especially on newer, CoolBase or color-sublimated fabric, we don’t know until the after damage has occurred.

Removing glue and stains always has risks. I have experience with the chemicals I use, and test first on an inconspicuous area but it is possible that fabric may be discolored or old stains may remain.

If I suspect the project may fail, I will stop at once and ask your advice. The remedy is generally to re-sew the old lettering back, or recreate lettering that covers the old marks. There is a charge for this.

I always ship my packages insured and recommend that you do the same. Yes, it is more expensive but nothing is worse than expecting an expensive package that never arrives.

Here, an example of hidden damage on a Minor-League repurposed jersey that required extra skill to repair. While the results here were near perfect, not all damage can be invisibly repaired.